CAT is well equipped for contracting all aspects of Mechanical Trades. As a primary G.C. for Commercial and Residential Properties, CAT Contracting work diligently with our licensed specialty contractors of all both union and non-union to ensure the project and trades progress seamlessly for our clients.

Commercial Service Work

Our commercial mechanical experience is diverse and . From replacement RTUs to servicing 30 ton coil transfers, CAT Contracting has performed it.

Pictured here is a recent and typical commercial mechanical service project CAT Contracting performed in Kansas. 26 Replacement units were air-lifted into place. 29 Units received new updating for performance via new coils, motors, and hail guards.

Residential Service Work

It is common for CAT Contracting to service exterior mechanical units to clients homes after catastrophe occurs. Wind blown debris and large hail stones can damage HVAC units and require replacement or repair.

We see all types of damage to A/C units after storms occur. It is one of the most common trades overlooked during a typical adjustment. Be it a storm that calls for a new unit or repair or just time to upgrade, CAT Contracting can help.

Catastrophe Damage Can Cause:
  • Reduced air flow through coils

  • Higher refrigerant temperature

  • Lost performance

  • Lost reliability

  • Lost Efficiency

Hail strikes the soft cooling fins on the condenser coil of your air conditioner and deforms the cooling fins. An air conditioner can tolerate a few deformed fins, but when more than just a few fins are damaged by hail, the air conditioner can no longer operate efficiently. In many cases, the unit will fail completely after a few months of working too hard


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