Our Motto

“Quality Never Compromised”
CAT Contracting is a diamond in a rough industry. Contractors aren’t known for their prompt communication or service after the sale. At CCI we will always search for staff, product, and processes that are of the highest quality so we never compromise our customers trust, the product we provide or the ethics of our company.
Our primary focus is claim service and reconstruction of residential and commercial properties after catastrophe events. Although our company was founded and still largely focuses on resolving, restoring and recovering our customers insurance related construction projects, CAT also operates a full service commercial division at our fixed locations in Chicagoland, St. Louis, and Denver locations.


It is crucial that we offer our staff, contractors and even our clients the best training on the product and the processes that we offer. By becoming the expert on every facet of the contracting processes CAT surpasses the industry standard and what is expected from a contractor.


At CAT we restore thousands of homes as well as commercial properties. In order to streamline the projects while remaining profitable we have a tailored process with the most talented staff in the industry.


CAT is innovative in every aspect of our company. From training to technology CAT differs from the standard and sets the path for others to follow. By always staying innovative, we are always one step ahead.


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