CAT is well versed in all aspects of Roofing both Commercial and Residential. With the best certification in both segments of the trade, CAT can offer the best our industry has to offer in both craftsmanship and warranties.

Residential Division

CAT re-roofs thousands of homes throughout the nation each year. From asphalt to slate we can handle any project.

On an annual basis CAT completes thousands of projects on residential properties. Although a majority of our re-roofing projects are traditional asphalt shingles, we perform about 15% of our projects using specialty products such as composite shake/slate, cedar shakes, stone-coated steel, vertical metal and quarried slate. CAT diversifies its product lines depending on the area in which our customers are located. Many manufacturers offer products that are regionally beneficial such as algae warrantees or high wind products. Rather than CAT being loyal to a manufacturer, were are committed to bringing our clients the best product for their individual needs. Click below to see our extensive Residential Roofing page as well as our process videos.

Commercial Division

Whether you need an apartment complex re shingled or a low slope membrane installed, CAT has done it all.

CAT commercial crews perform restoration on nearly every type of roofing membrane and waterproofing system. The crews who perform the commercial waterproofing are never the same as residential as although to some they seem similar there are grave differences for the client. Commercial Roofing is an art. We often are faced with intricate details that a residential crew will never encounter. Specialized products and techniques are often utilized to ensure the systems integrity and warranty.
Click below to see our extensive Commercial Roofing page as well as our CAT Commercial Roofing process videos.


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